Jet. I'm leaving. I don't wanna stay in Lima anymore. Not just to waste away time with my dad until graduation. I'm going back to New York.

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I’m already outside, waiting for you. 

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I know we don't. Doesn't mean I won't miss em though.

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I know you will. But you’re a tough lass. You’ll get by.

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Yeah... I kinda think we should. I mean, there is nothing really left here now ya know?

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We dont need anyone else, love.

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So Whits left town... with my brother.

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I heard. Did you give any thoughts about what we talked about the other week?

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Te odio.

I don’t speak Spanish.

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miss-vivi replied to your post: The lunch rush is coming in a few minutes.

You’re the lunch lady, Jet? Well, fancy that.

Not the lunch lady. Julie is still the lunch lady. I’m just helping out in the kitchen. 

Need me to put aside something for you?

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The lunch rush is coming in a few minutes.

Getting ready.

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Are smoke signals appropriate or, would you prefer a letter in a bottle? …Kidding.

Well, well. Then, Mr. Jet, I demand more tater-tots. In bulk. Thank you very much.

… Let’s hope you were kidding. 

Got it, ma’am.

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Oh. Well… sorry. I just don’t really have a, um, group to hang out with in the cafeteria so, I eat in the library. But, I’ll try to eat more in there, if you like?

No need. I mean, I don’t want you to eat alone or anything. You could send me a message when you’re lining up for food so I can sneak you some extra or something?

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